Mushroom Workshop


Mushroom Workshop


Join us on either Saturday the 5th or 26th of May for a day full of mushroom adventures!

We were recently featured on MTV's nightly news where they called mushroom growing a great gardening trend of 2018. Join the fun! (watch from min 11:15 onwards)

After giving you a short insight in the life of a mushroom, we will guide you through 4 different ways to grow mushrooms on logs and show you their advantages and how to take care of them during the growing seasons.
We will teach you how to select and harvest the wood you need for your mushrooms and look into different species and their preferences.
The workshop will be hosted by Eric Puro, founder of Gifts from metsä ( ) and an true enthusiast about this sustainable way of growing mushrooms.

Eric has started a log farm in 2017 in Lohja with 1.000 logs. He has learned his craft from one of the best in America that has been growing mushrooms on logs since the 80’s. That he was able to fruit shiitake logs after only one (very short) summer is proof that he was taught well.

With him is Lorin von Longo-Liebenstein, founder of Mushroom Agent ( ), a passionate friend of the mushrooms that has been working with mushrooms in laboratories since 2011. His knowledge about mushroom growing and his obvious passion about this topic will also inspire you to dive deeper into the wonderful world of fungi!

The workshop will take place on the log farm of Eric and Lorin so you will have also an insight how a big scale production looks like.

each participant will receive:
• 1 x 1m log inoculated with a mushroom of their choice
• 2 bags of dowels (a 100 pcs) of their choice (between 6 different species)
(the total worth of the goodies is 80€)

The workshop is in two parts:

• The creature that is a mushroom
• choosing the right wood
• choosing the right spot for your logs
• maintenance and harvest
• how to implement the logs into a garden
hands on:
• using mushroom dowels – the beginners path
• making of a mushroom totem – the big log solution
• sawdust-spawn Japanese style – the professional way
• Hensley method – simple and fast

We will inoculate and talk about many various species of mushrooms including shiitake, oysters, pakuri, and reishi. More info available upon request.

Price per person: 100 euro (50 euros paid now, 50 later)
place: Särkijärventie 118, 09120 Karjalohja
max. participants: 20

Start: 9:30
Lunch: 13:00
End: 17:30

Lunch and coffee/tea are included in the price.

if you have questions, please get in contact with:

Lorin - or contact Eric through the contact form on here
We are looking forward to hear from you!
The workshop will be held in English.

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